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Copy & Restoration

When Moments Matter...

Restore your family heirlooms.
Preserve your precious memories!

Often times, snapshots end up in boxes on shelves or other places where they can end up as clutter or damaged by age or neglect. They may fade away, not just physically but from memory too!
Pictures are your memories and your history. Before they're lost, call upon us to show you how we can help you to preserve your past.
We can copy and restore your pictures. We'll provide you with the restored digital negatives on a CD (which you can make prints from and easily store in a safety deposit box) and, if you wish, we can make you finished prints. We have a variety of unique gift presentations from which to choose.
You can also have us design a Memory Book, Family Album and/or DVD Video with music or spoken word. We can personalize them even more for you by creating captions that connect your family to their past.
Give this valuable gift to yourself and your family. Don't wait until it's too late. Please call us today!