Service sessions include pictures for passport, visa, immigration and citizenship applications, etc. A new feature for many of these applications is the requirement for many of these pictures that they be *biometric. A photograph's biometric requirements, Dutch passport pictures for example, make it neccessary that it meet very specific standards. These protocols specify the head size from crown to chin, head width from ear to ear, background color, image size and other quality attributes. My experience has been that if the photographs are not perfectly executed, consulates or representatives that process the applications will refuse pictures which will cause delays and inconvenience to you. I have heard numerous accounts from my clients of their having to have pictures taken multiple times only to have all of them refused.

Many photographers may be unable to comply with these standards. When requested to provide you with the pictures you need, I ask that you provide me with specific instructions with regard to the type of pictures you require, and the specifications for those pictures. I've had, for example, the experience of a customer requesting pictures for a Canadian passport. When I requested the specific requirements, it turned out, in fact, that they needed European passport pictures. The requirements for passport and other types of pictures vary a great deal between each other and from country to country. We've created templates for each one. The reason I am so careful is because I prefer to give you exactly what you need the first time, and thereby avoid inconveniencing you later. If you have any questions pertaining to your specific needs please call 414-964-5155.

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